Refuge in Romania: Help on hand for Brits escaping Brexit


AS dark clouds hover over Europe once again, Romania has proven an unlikely source of kicks as a Bucharest newspaper offers refuge in their country to British residents who voted to stay in the EU. 

The “Romanians for Remanians” campaign, orchestrated by Gandul, has a clear message for the 48 per cent dealing with their disappointment this week, quite simply “leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind” to “start a new life in Romania”. 

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There is even a Facebook application imploring Romanian families to help out their hapless European cousins in their applications for a national ID. 

The newspaper has poked fun at the British media before with a 2014 campaign ‘Project #WhyDontYouComeOver’ inviting Brits to visit the country in the aftermath of a vicious smear campaign against Romania and Bulgaria as immigration restrictions were lifted. 

Formerly well behind the Iron Curtain, the ex-communist nations joined the EU in 2007 but were subjected to controls on freedom of movement by various western governments. 

The Daily Mail launched a relentless campaign against the prospect of Romanian immigration, culminating in a hilarious 2014 New Year’s Day when media flocked to Luton airport expecting to see plane loads of toothless gypsies and instead meeting bemused British tourists returning from skiing holidays, and two immigrants who already had jobs. 

Since then the banter has continued with the Mail continuing to sound the alarm about colourful Gypsy mansions, and Romania quietly pressing on as Europe’s second-fastest growing economy. 


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