‘Sin pantalones’: Brexit pandemonium gets light-hearted relief from Spanish politician


A SPANISH politician injected some much needed humour into the Brexit debacle when he mistakenly uploaded a photo of himself ‘sin pantalones’ onto Twitter. 

Asier Antona, president of the PP in the Canary Islands, took a photo of his television while watching the EU referendum unfold live, but should have double-checked with his wife before uploading the image. 

A reflection of the politician trouserless and exposing his underwear quickly did the rounds on social media before Antona deleted the image. 


He took it well, however, later uploading a deliberate repeat photo this time ‘con pantalones’.

 “With trousers… Glad that such a tumultuous day did not make us lose our sense of humour” he wrote jokingly. 



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