Brits among group arrested for gun crimes

© Guardia Civil
A number of the guns seized.

TWO Englishmen aged 37 and 54 are among four men arrested by the Alicante Guardia Civil on Monday June 27 and in April in a related incident.

They have been variously charged with attempted homicide against two people in Pedreguer, arms trafficking, possession of weapons, distribution of weapons and conspiracy to commit homicide by planting a bomb.

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This all stems from an incident on April 21 when a Guardia patrol in Pedreguer had reason to confront a British citizen who then brandished a gun at the officers. He was swiftly disarmed and no one was harmed. His home was searched and two further weapons were found.

While the man was under arrest it appears a plot developed to dispose of the man by three others, thought to be dealing arms, who feared being implicated.

The ongoing investigation eventually led to the homes of one of the men being searched where the cache of weapons was found. Arms confiscated included a sub-machine gun, three pistols, a rifle fitted with telescopic sights and various ammunition. All were fully operational and some were loaded and ready for use.

The other two men arrested were reported to be Spanish nationals. All four have been charged and two remain in detention.


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