Stymied stingers in Malaga Province

QR: Aula del Mar 2016
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MALAGA City Council has once again launched a smartphone application for beachgoers concerned about the risk of jellyfish on the Costa del Sol’s beaches this summer.

The app, called ‘Infomedusa 2016’, provides information regarding weather conditions and status of the dreaded stinging blobs in local waters, advising if any swarms are spotted, and offering tips on how to cope in the unfortunate event of a sting.

More than 27,000 citizens downloaded the app, which is free and available on both Android and iOS, in 2015, and there are several upgrades in the 2016 version.


Principal among these is that all provincial beaches are now featured, while the network of ‘spotters’ able to upload information has swelled considerably, comprising not only beach lifeguards but also service vessel employees, municipal officials, and beachgoers themselves.


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