New rules in force for public buses

© flickr by Alain GAVILLET
NEW RULES: Have been introduced for Palma buses.

MALLORCA’s public buses have new rules for passengers and drivers to abide by.

One of the more obvious rules understandably for security reasons is the prohibition of explosive devices and material. Passengers are also prohibited from boarding buses in swimwear or without a shirt and are not allowed aboard if drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Standing will only be permissible on certain buses with walking around prohibited while the vehicle is in motion.  A majority vote will decide on issues related to temperature including air conditioning and whether windows are open or closed.  When there is no clear majority, the driver decides.

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New rules have also been introduced for drivers who must comply with certain obligations regarding safety and professionalism. For example, drivers cannot converse with passengers nor can they play loud music.

Bikes are allowed in the luggage hold or on racks.  Folding bikes can be taken aboard as luggage. Any damage caused by or to the bike is the responsibility of the bike owner.


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