Graffiti is cleaned up

© flickr by William Leonard
CLEANED UP: The remaining graffiti has finally been cleaned up in the historical centre of Palma.

PALMA Town Hall has finished the removal of the anti-tourist graffiti from the walls of protected buildings in Palma’s city centre.

The total of eight messages painted in the city centre were removed during four working days in the streets of Can Duai, Capuchinas, San Alonso, Gerreria, Angeles, Posada de Santa Teresa, Sastre Rojo and Peleteria.

The Palma Town Hall explained that, since the graffiti was painted on protected buildings, specific authorisation by the Commission of the Historical Centre of the City Council was required to proceed, which caused the delay in the removal of the graffiti.


The City Council explained that Emaya (the Municipal Water and Sewer Company) also had done some tests of the technique intended to be used for the removal of the graffiti so that it could be approved by the Commission.

Nearly 100 anti-tourist messages, which appeared in April, had been removed quickly from the areas where specific authorisation was not required. In May, graffiti that could be removed more easily was cleaned from the walls of protected buildings. 

The remaining graffiti, which was painted on sandstone or stone walls of protected buildings, was finally removed in mid-June.


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