Jack really doesn’t like loud noises!

JACK: Is fit, fast and afraid of loud noises.

NICOLA and her husband Ray have moved countries several times for Ray’s job as a project director in construction.

They’ve lived in the UK, Sweden and Switzerland with Jack travelling with them and now they’re set to stay in Spain for a couple of years.

While moving with the family doesn’t seem to bother Jack, he has become increasingly nervous about loud noises. Settling him into a new home and new neighbourhood takes a little while. Each time he finds a safe place where he decamps when noises get a little loud.

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Now they live in the campo he seems happier, but still keeps a safe place just in case. Nicola and Ray prefer for him to be cared for at home and insist the sitter joins them for a day or two before they leave so that Jack can meet them and relax into their company.

It also helps them keep their home safe while they are away, empty properties can be such a draw to thieves. 

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