Brexit fallout strengthens calls for Catalan independence


CALLS from Holyrood for a second referendum on Scottish independence following England’s decision to leave the EU have inspired Catalan separatists, who have seen their own calls for autonomy gain serious traction in recent years.

“While Scotland prepares to discuss a second referendum with the EU, we should say without fear that the time for OUR referendum has also arrived,” Jordi Sanchez, president of the Catalan National Assembly, tweeted.

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Catalan politicians in favour of a break from Madrid have also praised David Cameron for holding two referendums during his six-year tenure, allowing voters a far greater say than that afforded to the Spanish electorate.

“Democracy won, because the British people were able to vote,” said Carles Puigdemont, head of the region’s pro-independence parliament.

His views were echoed by left-wing Catalan lawmaker and separatist Gabriel Rufian who said “We would love to have a right-wing politician like Cameron who called voters to the polls twice”.

Spain goes to the polls tomorrow in the country’s second general election in just six months.

EWN will have rolling news coverage of the election as pollsters predict another stalemate leading to coalition talks.


  1. I guess it will be the UK’s fault when they call for it again after Hungary, France, Austria and the Netherlands get their referendums? 😉

    It is up to the Spanish government if they get a referendum and not Jordi Sanchez, people like him and Sturgen will jump on any opportunity they can to get what they want, what the people of those regions or counties want is a different thing!


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