Man is stabbed for refusing to give a lift

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Had a tough time trying to treat the victim as he ran away from them.

A THIRTY-ONE-year-old man has been arrested in Salobreña for allegedly stabbing an acquaintance in the abdomen after being refused a lift to Molvizar on his motorcycle.

The victim, who reported that the two men had been drinking together on Monday night, and his attacker turned violent when he refused to give him a lift, was stabbed twice in the hand and also received an eight centimetre deep wound to the abdomen, which led to emergency surgery at Santa Ana hospital in Motril.

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However emergency services had a tough time getting him treated as he ran away from paramedics twice before finally collapsing and being collected by an ambulance on Camino del Peral at 7am.

After taking the victim to hospital the Guardia Civil tracked down and arrested the suspected attacker, a well-know local delinquent.


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