Filthy dressing rooms

© flickr by mike.bulter
STATION PROBLEMS: The security guards of the Intermodal Station are complaining about the deplorable state of their changing room.

THE Workers’ Commissions trade union (CCOO) has denounced the “deplorable” state of the security guard changing room at the Palma Intermodal Station.

The CCOO union of the Trablisa company has filed a written complaint with the Council of Health denouncing the terrible state of the room. The union said that the Transport Consortium had given orders to the cleaning company Cisnsa not to clean the changing room which also serves as a rest area and kitchen for the bus station’s security guards.

As a result, the room lacks the most basic standards of safety and hygiene. The union warned that the presence of rats and cockroaches as well as lizards in the room is putting the health of workers and users of the bus station at risk. 

Workers complained that there aren’t any bin bags to throw away rubbish, the bathrooms are filthy and there isn’t any toilet paper.


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