Mojacar ready for San Juan beach fiesta

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Each year, thousands of people take to the beaches all along the Spanish coasts for the event.

Mojacar, like the rest of Spain, is gearing up for a magical night of celebration for the San Juan beach bonfire fiesta tonight (Thursday June 23).

Each year, thousands of people take to the beaches all along the Spanish coasts for the event, which marks the shortest night of the year and the summer solstice with magical celebrations focused on fire, water and purifying the soul.

Mojacar’s main San Juan event will be taking place tonight at Playa Descargador and the fun begins in the evening, continuing to the early hours with some people even staying to watch the sunrise.


The local council provides the bonfires and music as it is keen to ensure the event attracts people of all ages and can be enjoyed by young people and families alike.

There are many traditions and superstitions surrounding the night of San Juan. Legend has it that if someone jumps through the fire three times then plunges themselves into the sea their soul will be cleansed, a belief which often leads to more cleansing of burns and wounds than souls when young enthusiasm and alcohol combine!

More sensible superstitions include walking into the sea backwards at the stroke of midnight to attract a year’s worth of good luck, while some insist that a swim at midnight (or at least wetting your face if the water’s too cold) will lead to waking up more beautiful the following day. The fires, apart from providing light and warmth for night-long parties, are also believed to be magical and tradition has it that throwing in objects which bring bad memories will have the desired effect.

Magical or not, one thing is sure: anyone in or near Mojacar tonight has no excuse not to have a great time on the beach!



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