Have the French unions helped to push the Brexit vote either way?

Air traffic controllers at work

THE decision by French Air Traffic controllers to strike once again on June 23 has had a possibly unforeseen effect upon the referendum vote as it appears that a number of potential voters are stymied because their flights have been cancelled and they won’t be able to get back to the UK to cast their votes.

Some are upset because there is no facility to appoint a proxy voter on their behalf at this late stage and perhaps in hindsight they are kicking themselves for leaving their return until the last minute.

The majority of the very last opinion polls, some of which were compiled in the early hours of June 23 show the Remain voters in the ascendency and this this has led to a strong day on the stock market with some minor gains.


At least one currency exchange company has announced that it will suspend trading overnight as it is worried that as TV reveals breaking news so the pound will fluctuate and therefore it prefers not to trade, rather than trade in a market which could be incredibly volatile for a few hours.



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