Almeria husband takes lies to the extreme

Michael Warbux/YouTube
The man confessed that he had actually made up the whole story

A BUSINESSMAN has been arrested for faking his own kidnapping as an excuse to spend a weekend away from home, Almeria Judicial Police have reported.

Investigations began when two of the El Ejido businessman’s employees (who have now also been arrested for collaborating) went to a police station to report that they had received messages from their boss’s mobile phone claiming he had been kidnapped.

The man’s wife also reported that she had started getting constant WhatsApp messages from her husband’s phone demanding €50,000 within 48 hours to avoid him being killed or having his fingers cut off.

However, police officers tracked down the man’s car and, when they stopped it, they discovered him inside the vehicle alone and he confessed that he had actually made up the whole story, to cover up the fact that he intended to spend the weekend away from his wife.


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