What a dummy: man caught driving with plastic doll fined

© Guardia Civil
PRETEND PASSENGER: The driver now faces a financial penalty.

THE ever-vigilant Guardia Civil have foiled more crime, as a traffic patrol was surprised to discover that a passenger in a car heading towards Madrid in the ‘Bus-VAO’ lane on the A6 motorway was in fact a life-sized plastic doll.

Officers checking to make sure every vehicle in the special lane was carrying more than a single passenger, as is the law, spotted the offending vehicle at the onset of rush hour, with suspicions initially raised because what appeared to be a young girl in the passenger seat was clad in warm winter gear, despite the boiling temperature.

On closer inspection, they discovered that the passenger was a synthetic dummy wearing a blue fleece jacket, black trousers, sunglasses, a cap, and headphones.


Unauthorised use of the Bus-VAO lane carries a fine of €200, since it is designed to facilitate public buses and encourage commuters to car share.

Amusingly, this is not the first time a driver has been busted for installing a fake passenger, with the practice apparently quite commonplace around Madrid’s outskirts.


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