Young British man arrested for attempting to shoot Donald Trump


ALTHOUGH, Michael Steven Sandford a British citizen aged 20 attempted to steal a gun from a police officer and shoot Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday June 18, details of what actually occurred have only been revealed following his appearance in Court this Monday.

The young man who is reportedly autistic may be an illegal entrant to the USA where he has been living for the past year and a half and he told investigators that he has been planning to kill Mr Trump for the past year, but was only now confident enough to actually make the attempt.

Whilst declining to enter a plea when appearing in Court, the Judge heard how he pretended to be asking for Mr Trump’s autograph and having seen a police officer nearby attempted to remove his gun from his holster but without success. 

The Court was also advised that he had said he had tickets for another later rally so that if he was unable to make the attempt in Las Vegas, he would try in Phoenix. He also apparently told investigators that he understood that he would only be able to get one or two shots off before being restrained or even killed.

Given the circumstances and his probable state of mind, he was remanded in custody until July 5, on a charge of an act of violence on “restricted grounds.”


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