Spanish flag unfurled by representatives of Spanish minority party Vox

SC / YouTube

NACHO MINGUEZ, chairman of the Madrid branch of right-wing political party Vox, which has no representation in the Cortes, was arrested on Monday (June 20) afternoon for the act of unfurling a giant 200-square-metre Spanish flag on the Rock.

Several members of VOX, among them Javier Ortega, secretary general and candidate for Madrid in the elections are said to have entered in Gibraltar that morning to unfurl the flag that remained in place for around 20 minutes before being removed by officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Vox chairman Santiago Abascal tweeted: “Mission accomplished! A 200m Spanish flag on the summit of Gibraltar”.

He then stated, “With this act, Vox wanted to confirm that it will never cease to recover full Spanish sovereignty over the Rock and to fight the existence of an unacceptable tax haven, the damage to our fishermen, the economic depression in the Campo of Gibraltar and the fact that local workers are made hostage by the pirate Picardo.” 

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