Former Argentine President visits Marbella

© Ayuntamiento de Marbella
Mayor Bernal and former President Duhalde.

THE Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal was delighted to welcome the former President of Argentina (2002 – 2003) Eduardo Duhalde to the Marbella City Hall during a visit of the City.

Credited with having started the recovery of the Argentine economy during his brief period as President, after signing the book of honour, he was very complimentary about the city which has an international reputation for excellence.

The mayor considered that this visit to be an honour especially as the former president is such a well-known and important personality on the world stage. He went on to say that when Sr. Duhalde goes on to meetings in Madrid and his Embassy that he feels sure that he will have kind words to speak about Marbella and all that it can offer.



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