Which European country most supports Britain staying in Europe? You guessed it


POLLS show that Spain is the European nation most in favour of Britain remaining within the European Union, with 64 per cent of Spaniards hoping Brexit talks are pushed to the background following Thursday’s referendum. 

Spain receives significant levels of investment from British businesses and the tourism industry making it hardly surprising that the country strongly favours a continuation of the status quo. 

More interesting is the lukewarm reception given to Britain’s continuing role within the union, with an average of just 54 per cent of those polled across the continent leaning towards the Remain camp. 

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Many in France, Holland, Sweden, Hungary and Poland are hoping for a Brexit so that it might enhance their own prospects for separation from the increasingly bedraggled union, but the stakes in Spain are far higher for the local economy. 

The country reportedly enjoys an €11 billion surplus in the trade balance with the UK, while the heads of Spain’s most successful businesses have warned of economic calamity should Britain leave. 

On a local level small businesses across the Costas fear a debilitating impact on their finances should a mass exodus of British expats take place, and surely want to preserve and increase the estimated €14 billion contributed by British tourists last year. 


  1. If they treat us right after Brexit the Spanish do not need to worry about a huge exit of British from Spain.
    Most like me will remain unless they start being awkward and making life difficult.
    The Brits bring an awful lot of money into this country and I doubt they will want to put that in jeopardy.

  2. Brits in Spain voting to for UK to leave the EU is a like turkeys voting for Christmas – but, as Roy says, providing that things don’t get too difficult I am sure even those that voted ‘leave’ will remain in Spain as long as they can.

    However once the pound plummets (it’s already started as I’m sure you’ve noticed) and the import taxes for UK to get goods into Eurpope hit, and let’s face it why would Europe in general be the slightest bit bothered about a little country who decided to leave the club, then they may have to rethink.

    Almost every economic expert, almost every politician of every colour both in the UK and elsewhere think ‘brexit’ is a mad idea – other than, of course, Vladimir Putin, Marine le Pen, Nigel Farage and Barmy Boris and their ilk.

    A slow walk to disaster awaits though I have everything crossed that we ‘remain’ instead.


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