Elected government in Spain seems slightly more likely now

© La Moncloa Gobierno de España flickr
Could Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría be the next Prime Minister of Spain?

All of the Spanish newspapers are publishing polls that suggest the overall result in the General Election, being held on Sunday June 26, will see an increase in the vote for both the PP and the newly named Unidos Podemos, with PSOE falling to third place and Ciudadanos falling to fourth.

Whist the actual percentages and predicted seats differ, they all agree that no single party is likely to be able to form a government in its own right and taking the top figures estimated for each party, the only viable likely coalitions would be PP and Ciudadanos or Unidos Podemos and PSOE.

Both Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sanchez run the risk of being sacrificed for the sake of expediency as it must now be paramount that a government of some form be properly installed rather than continuing to run the country on an interim basis. 


If the PP does as expected win the largest number of seats then it will be in a position to attempt to form a coalition government although it will be a tight result, even if Ciudadanos resigns its support of PSOE.


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