Pre-alert water status hits most of Mallorca

CREDIT: flickr by Aitor del Rio
DRY LAND: Most of Mallorca is under pre-alert drought phase status.

MOST of Mallorca is in the pre-alert drought phase due to this year’s low level of rainfall.

According to EU Guidelines for the preparation of Drought Management Plans, the objective of pre-alert status is “to prevent the deterioration of water bodies while ensuring the activation of specific drought management measures and meeting water demands” with “mainly informative and control measures as well as voluntary water-saving measures.”

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Because rainfall on the island has been less than half the normal amount, Councillor of the Environment Vicenç Vidal warned of the need for proper water usage. At the moment, the area of Llevant is the only part of the island which is not in the pre-alert phase.

However, Llevant which includes the towns of Arta, Capdepera, Manacor, San Lorenzo de Cardessar and Son Servera may soon join the rest of the island under pre-alert status. For the first time in Balearic history, a drought status index will be published by the Council of Environment.

The index will define four stages of drought including stable, pre-alert, warning and emergency and is determined from the information received from aquifers, reservoirs and springs on the islands. The information in the index will serve to make decisions on water management and technical resources available at the desalination plants.


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