Doing it by the book to prevent drunken tourism in Benidorm


BENIDORM plans to take steps to stem ‘drunken tourism.’ The Ciudadanos (Cs) party on Benidorm Council suggested coordinating local, regional and national laws to produce a legal framework for curbing the excesses seen in some areas.

Nor is it entirely coincidental these excesses often occur in the ‘English Zone’ around the Rincon de Loix and part of the Levante beach. The Cs’ proposal was approved at a recent council meeting with the backing of the PP party, which controls the town hall, and Ciudadanos por Benidorm (CBM).

The motion was opposed by the PSOE socialists who called for its withdrawal. The success of the Cs’ initiative was received with unease by Ociobal, the association which represents Benidorm’s pubs and discotheques, and whose representatives recently met Cs’ councillors.

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Despite some friction the encounter was later described as ‘positive.’ Ociobal president Victor Navarro insisted that the collective would collaborate on compiling the Cs’ ‘rulebook,’ but lamented that one-off problems are inflated to create social alarm. “We all want to help the town,” Navarro said, adding that a greater police presence was vital, “But we don’t have the authority to call someone to order when they go too far in the street.”


  1. beverage companies sponsor the police. If they and the people selling alcohol had an ounce of responsibility then this type of behaviour would not occur. All seems a bit “problem reaction solution” to me quite frankly my dear..


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