Brit arrested for alleged sexual assault in Magaluf

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THE summer season has only just begun and yet the controversy continues in Magaluf, now that a 28-year-old British man has been arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a young British tourist.

Kian Coggin, who runs Magaluf Boat Parties, a company that organises popular ‘booze cruises’ in the notorious party capital of Mallorca, has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting the woman at his home last summer.

The woman, 20, did not originally report the incident when she visited Magaluf, but upon return to the UK she went to the police.  


Coggin has denied the allegations. Taking to Facebook he railed out at his accusers, stating, ‘I’m not Excatly guna [sic] hide from it or take it lying down that’s a serious allegation and anyone that Nos me nos this is complete utter b*******.’


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    eg. my son spent two hours in the job centre trying to explain that he didn’t have a national insurance number
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    Clearly education is not what it was.


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