Bouncer attack in Magaluf allegedly caused by woman throwing plastic cup

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BH Mallorca Hotel in Magaluf has come under fire after footage has emerged which depicts the hotel’s bouncers assaulting a British couple.

In the clip, the woman, who is clad in a bikini, is held down on the floor by a bouncer while two other security guards apparently rain blows down  upon her boyfriend, who social media has revealed to be the popular DJ Alex Henderson.

A photo of Henderson has appeared on Facebook in which the DJ poses to show the severity of his injuries by revealing his raw, bruised, and bloodied face. Many commenters on the social networking site have spoken out and showed their support for Henderson, while condemning the behaviour of the bouncers.  


An eyewitness has said that one of the bouncers slapped the woman after she threw a cup at them, which caused her boyfriend to intervene.

The video was originally shared by Jakub Matejko, from Manchester, who wrote:  ‘I’m so disgusted with the staff SAFE 4 u working at the BH Mallorca hotel … guards picked up on a girl because she threw a plastic cup at one of them, the guy went up to her and slaps her so her boyfriend trying to protect her jump in and end up with broken head and bleeding from eyes

The resulting social media uproar has led many people to demand an explanation and an apology from the hotel.

A BH spokesman has since spoken out, saying: ‘The management of BH are as troubled as everyone else by what is shown on the video yesterday.

‘The guests were not staying at BH Mallorca, they were visiting for the day and refused to leave at closing time.

‘We do not condone the use of violence and we have been working with local authorities since last night to establish exactly what happened before and after what is shown on the film that lead up to this incident.’



  1. I think there is two questions here
    1. why was she walking into a hotel wearing only a bikini
    I always had a cover up to put on.
    2. why did she throw a plastic cup at the bouncer?
    More brits with no respect or common sense?

  2. I have no sympathy. Throwing a cup is still classed as an assault and I expect the bouncer thought a slap was the appropriate reply, even though this would be seen as excessive. Overall this is normal behaviour of many tourists and they seem to think it’ okay. It is not.


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