12-year-old girls in hospital after taking ‘Teddy Bear’ ecstasy

flickr by artjouer street art

PARENTS across the UK will no doubt be clenching their teeth in anxiety following reports that three 12-year-old girls have been hospitalised after taking ecstasy pills. Police officers believe that the girls consumed the tablets after mixing them in with a bottle of fizzy drink.

On Saturday night (June 18), one of the young girls went to the Salford precinct to report the incident. Police officers soon discovered her two friends, one on Belvedere Road and the other on Trafford Road.

Two of the girls are in ‘serious, but stable’ condition, whereas the other girl’s condition is reported to be less severe.


The girls are reportedly the youngest ever in the UK to be hospitalised as a result of ecstasy use. The ensuing investigations have indicated that the pills may have been supplied to the youngsters by a third party, a finding which led Detective Chris Walker to voice his anger over the situation.

Walker stated that “it outrages me that people think it is acceptable to sell controlled drugs to anybody, let alone 12-year-old girls who are vulnerable due to their age.”

He pointed out that three other young people in the area had also recently ended up in the hospital after consuming some form of ecstasy.  


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