Saharan summer hits the province

SIZZLING TEMPERATURES: First heatwave of the summer in Spain.

ALICANTE Province has had its first major heatwave of the year.

The entry of a bag of Saharan air sent temperatures soaring last week reaching a maximum of 36 degrees in L’Alcoia yesterday (Wednesday) and 30 degrees on the coast. “This is the first heatwave and it will be intense,” said Jorge Olcina, head of the Laboratory of Climatology at the University of Alicante who predicted a cooler weekend before temperatures rise again.

The heatwave comes just weeks after forecasters predicted a cooler summer than last year, after the warmest winter since 1955 where temperatures reached 24 degrees at Alicante-Elche airport.

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Olcina said: “The atmosphere has been warmer than normal in the winter months and so spring and summer normally readjusts making less heat,” although he did add this does not mean it will be cold. Maximum temperatures in the Murcia Region topped 38 degrees inland and 27 on the coast.

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  1. I wish we were having such a heatwave here in the north west of England,summer lasted all of five days and we have had over a week of torrential rain and flooding,temperatures are now about 17c and it’s the longest day in a few days time,global warming,my backside,it totally by-passed the north west of England where we have now had four years of non-existent summers.


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