Cakes and tropical treats for visiting politician

SUSANA DIAZ: Visited the Costa Tropical as part of the election campaign.

SOCIALIST President of the Junta de Andalucia regional government Susana Diaz visited the Costa Tropical this week as part of the PSOE campaign in the run up to the repeat of the general elections on June 26.

Before a rally in Motril, Diaz wished to stop and mix with the crowds in Almuñecar, a place she knows well and loves as she has spent many summers there with her family.

Although she was received by local PSOE secretary Sergio Garcia Alabarce, Diaz really basked in the warm welcome provided by residents of the Castillo district in the old town, who had even baked her traditional local cakes and gave her a basket of jams made with local tropical fruit.

“Today I wanted to come to Almuñecar because I know it well and am grateful for all the happy memories and wonderful receptions I have always received here,” the regional president said.

“At the moment we’re working towards changing Spain, but I’m sure at the next municipal elections we will also change Almuñecar,” Diaz said.


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