Smuggled from Nigeria to a life of prostitution in Mallorca

National Police
National Police officers searching the home of the suspects

OFFICERS of the National Police have broken up an organisation run by a Nigerian woman who recruited young Nigerian women to act as prostitutes in Mallorca. The operation ended with arrest of nine people (who were later released) and six women who were allegedly illegally smuggled on to the Island.

It transpired that once the girls had been ‘recruited’ they were taken to Libya where they were placed into dangerous small boats and then transported to Italy as the cheapest method of transport.

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From Italy they were then flown to Palma from different airports, accompanied by members of the gang who kept control of their passports as well as fake resident permits but some of the travellers were spotted by Italian police, who alerted Europol.

When the girls arrived in Palma, Mallorca they were informed that they had a debt with the organization of about €30,000 and the only way that this debt could be worked off was for them to become prostitutes.

The girls were effectively kept in close confinement in very poor conditions and had to report their location by mobile phone.

The operation culminated with the arrest of nine people the release of six victims with officers finding a number of examples of witchcraft consisting of bottles containing liquid and dust associated with the names of the victims, handwritten notes with names of sex clubs, original documentation of the victims and €1,400 euros in cash.


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