Sink or swim? Cruise ship visitors causing overcrowding


With the world’s largest cruise ship, the colossal Harmony of the Seas, scheduled to dock in Palma frequently throughout the summer, Mallorca’s increasing invasion by tourist liners has forced the authorities to take measures to prevent overcrowding and pollution.

Balearic Tourism chief Biel Barcelo has now requested that the cruise liners trade association ensure that there are no more than four ships docked in Palma simultaneously.

Acknowledging the economic benefits provided by the industry, Barcelo stressed the necessity of limiting the daily numbers entering the city to protect residents against congestion and overflow.

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Local environmental organisations have taken a tougher stance, arguing that day-trippers spend the majority of their money on board, and warning that increased air and water pollution and wastage threaten the island’s long-term sustainability.

Ecological activists Salvar la Serra de Tramuntana (Save the Tramuntana mountains) have now launched a campaign against cruise ships, posting an alarming video on Facebook to highlight the dangers they pose to Mallorca’s environment.

They are joined by fellow associations GOB and Amics de la terra (Friends of the Earth) who allege that Palma is being exploited by large multinationals, and that it is essential that Mallorca reduce its dependence on the tourist economy.


  1. If Mallorca has problems wait until 6000 passengers together with others arrive at the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos together – standing room only!.
    A journalist described this liner as a shopping centre more than a ship. Sounds like a nightmare

  2. When you go aboard, a wire less umbilical cord is attached to your credit card with the sole purpose of seamlessly sucking away your money.


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