Blight on the landscape of La Siesta


Enough is enough. Residents in La Siesta are fed up with the piles of rubbish that are mounting up in an unused area in the urbanisation.

Fred and Maggy de Jong have had a property in La Siesta since 1999 and say the problem has been going on for years with people using a plot of land on the corner of Calle Bach and Calle Elgar to dump garden waste and household rubbish.

Maggy even erected her own sign with the help of a neighbour in a bid to stop people leaving their waste there but it has not deterred people: “We have also written to the mayor on numerous occasions and sent photos highlighting the problem and there are always people complaining.”

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Fred said the town hall has placed a tip at the edge of the site for people to fill with garden waste, which gets collected, but others ignore this and the mountain of rubbish piles up. The couple believe people from outside the area also arrive to dump their commercial waste as it is the easiest and cheapest option rather than going through the official channels.

They refuse to walk their dog by the site as there have been chemicals and products dumped and residents have reported seeing rats and snakes causing hygiene worries. The town hall does clear the site every few months, but they said more needs to be done to prevent it recurring.

Lyn Adams has now also been made aware of the situation and will raise it at the next Neighbourhood Watch/ Residents Meeting on June 27 at 4.30pm at Casa Ventura as she continues to fight for action from the town hall for the abandoned La Siesta park project: “Residents do not want it just fenced off and abandoned. People of all nationalities just want a pleasant space and a nice clean area to live in and enjoy.”


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