New-look port

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THE Port Authority of Alicante has reached an agreement with the company that manages the carousel of the Plaza del Puerto to continue at its current location until the end of summer.

It was initially told it must come down and be removed, but as the City of Alicante has no plans to start construction of the new Tourism Office in that area until October, they are granting the carousel extra time, allowing it to remain in the privileged location for a little longer.

Mayor Gabriel Echavarri, and Councillor for Tourism, Eva Montesinos, agreed in April with the Regional Secretary, Francesc Colomer that the new Tourist Office will be cited on the Plaza del Puerto and work is to start later this year so it will be operational for 2017.

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As part of the Mayor’s plans for Alicante to have “a new image,” the Mediterranean Casino has now also complied with a ruling to remove its bright and bold facade. The new-look casino was inaugurated last week with a cleaner and somewhat calmer, more modest signage.

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