Maltreated dogs, flung from moving van, rescued in Ciudad Real

© Guardia Civil/Twitter
MALNUTRITION: As well as being emaciated the animals appear not to have seen much sunlight.

THREE dogs which were subjected to horrific abuse have been rescued in Ciudad Real, after they were hurled from a moving van near the city’s university.

The animals were so emaciated that their bones are visible through their skin, while much of their fur was missing, and they have now been taken to a local animal protection centre.

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Volunteer Carmen Diaz, who has worked for the organisation for over 35 years, said she has never seen dogs arrive in such poor condition, adding: ‘They were completely abandoned without food or water. This state is not reached in a matter of weeks or months.’

The dogs were brought to the centre by local residents who watched them being thrown from the van, which did not have number plates, and also reported that more dogs could be seen in the back of the vehicle.

They have been named Raiz (Root), Tierra (Earth) and Bosque (Forest).


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