250 schools to go continuous


TWO out of three schools in Alicante Province have already presented their project for the continuous day. 

Around 250 of the 380 public schools have prepared plans with the firm intention of presenting them to change school hours and have a continuous day from September.

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Schools should receive 55 per cent of affirmative votes from parents wanting the school hours to change, in order to go ahead with plans for the next school year.

Some teaching unions however report the delay in reports and plans, which they say should be completed by June 17.

Schools are wanting to offer continuous lessons until 2pm with the school day then officially closing, rather than having a long lunch break and then returning for afternoon classes. 


  1. I am glad I have none at school now
    it was a bit of a pain to collect at midday or 12.30 and take back at 15.00 only to pick up again at 17.00
    but I sympathise with parents who work- what will they do from 14.00


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