Satirical music video lampoons British expats in Spain

SC / YouTube
‘Let’s hop to the Costa, the healthcare won’t cost ya’ sings Matthew Perret.

A BRITISH comedian has produced a spoof music video (see below) in which he has a cheeky dig at Brexit supporters by comparing their arguments to the expat community resident in Spain.

Matthew Perret lives in Germany, where he works as a lecturer in European Studies in Berlin, and he told The Local that the video is an attempt to “fill the information gap using comedy.”

The video, accompanied by musical backing from Jeremy Limb, begins like a party political broadcast, with a suited and austere Perret saying: “I’m British and I’m concerned about free movement of people in the EU.

“Imagine a country with entire neighbourhoods full of EU migrants who barely contribute to the local economy, use many healthcare services and on top of that don’t make the slightest effort to integrate and learn the language.

“With Brexit we hope to put a stop to this phenomenon.”

The video then segues into a Cockney-style knees-up entitled ‘Spanish Hip Hop’, with the comedian superimposed over an image of a ‘typical’ British pub, as he sings “Let’s have a little fun and retire in the sun…no need to worry if you should get ill, it’s the taxpayers of Spain what pick up the bill [sic].”

“Let’s hop to the Costa, the healthcare won’t cost ya” continue the lyrics.

© Matthew Perret


  1. To me this is a load of bull. I am English and live in Marbella, but my wife and I get NOTHING from Spain. We pay for everything we get and pay a lot of taxes to the government. We pay through the nose every time we have to see a doctor.
    I am of the opinion that if the Spanish government want to get rid of all the English after Brexit, then they will end up in serious financial trouble, and today’s situation will seem like a holiday by comparison.

  2. Ludicrous. These communities bring in tens of thousands of pounds Sterling every week, which goes directly into the local economy. They do not take jobs from the locals – on the contrary they employ locals as gardeners, cleaners and so on . This is a travesty. Luckily it is supposed to be funny

  3. Well if its supposed to be fun then fine although I didn’t actually see it as that funny…. but I fear it is a bit more than that, again people who know nothing about something they take a dig at.

    There is a massive difference between the migrant issues in the UK or even other EU countries and British holiday makers with property owners adding millions to the Spanish economy… shame there was nothing about the biggest reason of getting out of the EU, our full democracy and sovereignty back, where we decide what happens directly with our country in our country and not through Brussels with an EC of unelected pompous despots! It is a pitiful bunch that now take these things for granted, if we remain in the EU I fear it won’t be too long before they waken up and don’t say you where not warned!

  4. Come on, don’t take this guy too seriously. Lampooning has always been a type of humour. We can take it as we all know the truth, don’t we?
    What would be much worse was if the Expat community vote for the UK to leave the EU!

  5. Yes, indeed, we contribute massively to the local economy (even though Madrid is trying to drive us out of Spain) but this is actually worse than ludicrous for this silly boy doesn’t know that the medical costs of all British residents in Spain are charged back to the UK government.

  6. Yes, we contribute massively to the local economy but this is worse than ludicrous because this silly boy has not learnt that the medical costs of all British residents in Spain are charged back to the UK government.


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