German arrested in Zaragoza for murder 23 years ago


OFFICERS of the National Police, in collaboration with the Mannheim police have arrested a man on suspicion of a murder which allegedly took place 23 years ago in Mannheim Germany.

Police investigations began in April after the authorities received a request for international cooperation from the police of Mannheim, who were trying to locate a Spanish citizen who might have been involved in the murder.

On February 3, 1993 the body of Giuseppe Sabia, owner of a pizzeria was found in a forest near the town of Mannheim where he had been shot in the head. 

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Officers tracked to Zaragoza the alleged perpetrator, a 44-year-old man who had been born in Germany and the arrest took place Monday, June 13, in a special operation in which officers from the Spanish and German police were involved. 

As there is no statute of limitations in Germany, the German authorities were able to contact the Spanish police to assist with the arrest and now they are requesting extradition of the suspect to Germany.


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