Man dies after being gored by bull during Valladolid fiesta

EXPERIENCED: Otero was an experienced ‘cortador’ who had participated in such events ‘hundreds of times.’

A SPANISH man has been killed by a bull as he practiced the traditional art of ‘arcing,’ in which participants use leaps, swerves, and somersaults to evade the charging animal, with no cape or weapons for protection.

34-year-old Juan Carlos Otero, nicknamed ‘El Gallo’ was gored a number of times, including in the chest and leg, as he tripped and fell during the climax of a fiesta in La Parrilla, Valladolid, with doctors unable to save his life after he was rushed to hospital.

Otero was an acclaimed ‘cortador,’ as the bull dodgers are known in Spanish, and Mayor Esperanzo Toquero cancelled the remainder of the event immediately.

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Residents of Navalmanzano in Segovia, the dead man’s hometown where he worked as a blacksmith, reacted with shock, as flags were placed at half-mast and emotional Mayor Pablo Angel Torrego called for two official days of mourning, saying: “almost 90 per cent of the council is comprised of his close friends.”


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