Preventing pests in Palma

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PESTS: Residents In Palma are complaining about an infestation of cockroaches.

RATS and cockroaches are causing problems in some of the neighbourhoods of Palma.

Areas combatting these pests include Pere Garau, Bonanova, Son Rapinya, Santa Catalina, Plaza de Toros, Son Gotleu and Las Maravillas. According the councillor for Health Antonia Martin, each of the areas is being affected for different reasons.

Throughout the year, the Palma City Council will implement campaigns for pest and rodent control in the neighbourhoods with a total of €250,000 allocated to the initiative.

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Martin explained that this year the administration would focus on areas where statistics show that most problems occur and pest control is most needed. The councillor pointed out that in Bonanova the problem comes from the fact that there is a large number of fields around the area.

In Son Gotleu, the problem seems to stem from rubbish accumulated in the streets. A curious case is the area of the Plaza de Toros where each year residents complain about the large numbers of cockroaches.

The cockroach infestation is caused in part by the many low plants in the area and land filled with rubbish but the biggest reason, according to Martin, is people leaving food in the streets for cats which she explained is “completely forbidden.”

Martin added that authorities are working to remedy the problem. During the month of May, more than 200 calls were received informing authorities about the presence of cockroaches in Palma compared to 80 calls in the month of April.

Councillor Martin noted that this increase is probably due to rising temperatures. In the case of rats, 62 complaints were recorded in May compared to 56 in April.


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