Marbella’s gourmet big guns are getting ready to fire

ALL STARS: Think Marbella can double its Michelin Stars within five to seven years.

THE first networking event of the Marbella All Stars initiative took place on Monday, June 6, with the primary conclusion being that the city has the potential to double its number of Michelin Stars within the next five to seven years.

Organised by the Marbella Association of Friends of Haute Cuisine, more than 100 chefs and other catering professionals were in attendance to discuss such themes as ‘The Michelin chef and the challenge of a sustainable kitchen’, ‘Sommeliers and cocktails in exclusive hostelry – new trends,’ and ‘The role of luxury hotels in the development and consolidation of haute cuisine.’

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The All Stars drive, led by master chef Diego del Rio, has the support of many of the sector’s most important Costa del Sol businesses, as well as the provincial council and Marbella City Hall, and appear set to make good on their bold intentions.


  1. This is all fine but I honestly think the whole restaurant industry have to pick up their game . Overall it’s not good enough with some exeptions for a “cosmopolitan “place like this. You only need to take a 4hour trip to Algarve to see what can be done . There there are within a few miles radius 2 -2star restaurants and 3-4 one star . And most interesting a whole bunch that WANTS to have stars .


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