Dangerous dogs are rising in popularity in Elche

DANGEROUS DOGS: Elche has 811 dogs registered on the potentially dangerous dogs list.

THE census of potentially dangerous dogs in Elche has skyrocketed in recent years.

Currently the city has registered 811 pets with this type of rating, 60 per cent more than five years ago, when the municipal census counted 504 potentially dangerous dogs. Despite these species often arousing fear or rejection amongst society, animal lovers are increasingly opting for this type of pet, with many experts saying their bad reputation is ‘totally unjustified.’

Several dog breeders of the province agree that the rules governing the possession of potentially dangerous dogs do not conform to reality.

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In Elche, potentially dangerous dogs include the breeds American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, bullmastiff, American pitbull, Rottweiler, bull Terrier and Bulldog Bordeaux. Breeder Manuel Torres said the legislation “judges the animal by its physical appearance or being of a particular race, when you need to keep in mind that these animals have a good sociability,” adding it is important to correctly train and educate all dogs to be sociable.


  1. There are enough breeds for dog lovers to choose from so Governments should ban all dangerous animals which could threaten children and people.

  2. I disagree completely with Peter.
    On one occasion I had the neighbours lodger try to come in my side gate – the doberman went crazy barking but it was my cairn terrier that went under the gate and bit him. Police were called and the copper said ‘are THAT was the dog that bit him’- the doberman.
    I said NO it was the little one- they could not believe what damage Scamp had done and walked away laughing. I have always found it is the little dogs that cause the trouble and the big ones usually just warn off except if their owner is being threatened.


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