Bar crackdown in Valencia

flickr by Pablo Andres Rivero
LOCAL POLICE: Found 94 bars in the area that had committed various offences.

OVER the last weekend of June 4 and 5 Valencia’s Local Police force denounced 94 bars and other licensed premises in the city.

Four premises were caught opening beyond their licensed hours and five for administrative errors. However the main issue was where premises had occupied public spaces without permission, with 85 bars and restaurants being accused of this offence.

Police have planned the crackdown to coincide with the start of the summer and obviously we are at a time of the year where people like to sit outside and have a drink or meal. However this should not infringe on public rights of way and access as has been judged the case with the establishments involved here.

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Many of the denunciation were triggered by complaints from local residents in scenes reminiscent of those in more obvious tourist areas recently, such as Benidorm and Javea.

Establishments that continually breach the guidelines can ultimately be forced to close. The police stress they realise the importance of the bar and restaurant industry to the city but it is important that it coexists happily with the needs of people who live near these establishments.


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