Porridge pirates: gang smuggling contraband into a Murcia prison nabbed by police

Guardia Civil
NOT ON OUR WATCH: Packages of hashish inside a sock

A TOTAL of 16 individuals have been detained by the Guardia Civil in Murcia Province, seven of whom are already in prison, in connection with a drug-trafficking ring.

Directors of the Penitentiary Murcia II contacted the police to inform them of their suspicions that prisoners may be peddling narcotics within the prison walls, having apprehended several inmates.

Investigations suggested the existence of a criminal organisation with branches both inside and outside the correctional facility, and increased surveillance revealed that associates were passing packages of drugs hidden in socks and suchlike to their incarcerated colleagues during conjugal visits.

Observers were thus able to identify a particular inmate as ringleader of the scheme, acting as head of a hierarchy within the jail, with differing amounts of drugs trickling down to lower-ranked accomplices.

The kingpin was assisted by his father, who bought the narcotics from two Algerian dealers and convinced relatives of other prisoners to smuggle them into the vis-à-vis meetings.

Police also discovered that the top dog had devised a sophisticated system allowing convicts to purchase their drugs by asking the same relatives to deposit money into a post office savings account registered in his name, since cash, credit cards, and other methods of payment are not available to those behind bars.

The investigation remains open pending additional arrests.


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