‘Ikea manifesto’ launched by Podemos

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The Ikea-styled magazine manifesto

PODEMOS have added a creative touch to their election campaign with the publication of their new manifesto in the format of an Ikea catalogue.

Each page shows one of the anti-austerity party’s top brass in a different setting with highlighted policies matching the environment.

Leader Pablo Iglesias is pictured watering a plant amid a pledge to end austerity and grow the economy, while their social land use policy is articulated by party organiser Pablo Echenique sitting on the terrace surrounded by pot plants.


Hoping to become the “most-read manifesto ever produced” the party, now second in the polls having overcome the PSOE, have made the manifesto available for €1.80.

Central to the manifesto is plans to raise taxes on the wealthy, long protected by Spain’s two party system, and plough funds into health and education while ending austerity measures. 



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