Poodunnit? Gigantic inflatable dog poo snaffled from Spanish town square

© AhoraTabasco/Twitter
A MATTER OF WASTE: The enormous excrement was designed to put pressure on irresponsible dog owners.

AN AWARENESS campaign encouraging residents to pick up their dogs’ excrement, launched by the municipality of Torrelodones in the community of Madrid, has achieved its greatest success, as a three-metre-tall inflatable poo was ‘cleansed’ from the town’s main square on Wednesday June 8.

The initiative, officially entitled ‘Lay an egg’ (Spanish: Poner un huevo) has been running for several weeks, with the giant stool appearing in various locations around the hamlet, but it has now disappeared and is presumed stolen.

Town councillors are trying to convince citizens that they should pick up their pets’ mess, claiming that up to half a ton of doo-doo has to be cleaned up every single day.

Spokesman Angel Guirao said: “Torrelodones has around 6,000 dogs and let’s say they do an average of three dumps a day; that is around 15,000 separate poos producing some 500kg of excrement a day. Many owners just don’t pick up.”

Local authorities will now consult CCTV footage as they attempt to track down the culprits, but there is no real concern since the company who fabricated the super-scat, which is apparently worth €2,416, will replace it for free, allowing the drive to restart in earnest next week.

The campaign can be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #nomascacas.


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