Tenerife teenager killed father and chopped up his body before throwing it into the ocean

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A BRAZILIAN boy has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Tenerife on Tuesday June 7 following the gruesome discovery of his father’s dismembered body in a suitcase floating in the ocean near the town of Valleseco in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The cadaver was apparently wrapped in plastic bags and was missing the head and limbs, having been discovered by a port service boat which dispatched a diver to recover it.

Upon opening the case, port police were horrified to discover the naked torso, and immediately cleared the beach of sunbathers in order to allow officers to carry out forensic tests.


It did not take long for witnesses to begin coming forward, with several local residents describing how they had seen a young man, possibly of Moroccan or South American origin, carrying a bundle (or two, according to some accounts), who had asked how to access the water, eventually making his way down a nearby track.

These events took place on Monday June 6, with the additional suitcase described as being black in colour.

Investigations led police to Calle del Olvido in Salamanca district, where they located the alleged perpetrator in a bar near his home, which is assumed to be the crime scene since neighbours said that officers had spent most of the night inside.

Initial reports suggest that the father and son had an argument which resulted in the former’s death, although as yet no official statement has been released.


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