Palma Port review

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Joan Gual and Marc Pons.

AFTER much deliberation, the Balearic Ports Authority (APB) has formally announced that it has completed its plan which maps out the future of the Palma port and it is expected to be unveiled to all interested parties within the next few days.

Taking into account the overall financial restrictions on budget, rather than follow the original concept outlined by the previous regional government which expected to spend at least €600 million with some fairly extravagant projects, this proposal is scaled back to make use of existing space and resources wherever possible.

The Authority president, Joan Gual said “No leisure or entertainment in the Moll Vell is being considered. The space will be dedicated to the port’s requirements. The previous project was a crazy use of some 300,000 square metres.”

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The emphasis will be on making the most of existing areas in order to improve conditions for shipping traffic such as ferries and cruise ships, and he went on to say “The aim is to optimise arrivals and departures of ships and their passengers.” 

When announcing the completion of the plan, in the company of regional minister of Planning, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons, Mr Gual was reluctant to reveal too many details of how the changes would be financed as he still needed to finalise arrangements with various potential investors and interested parties.

“This is a specialist industrial sector that adds value to the port and to the general economy. It is a sector for which there is highly qualified training and which has prestige at an international level.” he added and went on to comment of the previous plans which called for a second dock, saying “It was unaffordable and would have had an environmental impact on the port and the bay of Palma.”


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