Cars and music meet in Barcelona on June 11

© Mazda Motor Europe
All 20 DJs performing in Barcelona.

NOWADAYS motor manufacturers are always on the lookout to promote their product, especially to a younger audience, and Mazda are no exception with their MazdaSounds Live Showdown, which gets going on June 11 in Barcelona.

A total of 20 DJs – chosen from an original entry of 1,024 – will fight with each other to win the prize of performing a 60-minute set on the Mazda Sound Of Tomorrow Island stage at the music festival, which takes place during July in Boom, Belgium.

There are no less than three Spanish competitors amongst the finalists who hail from 12 different European countries, and as well as playing to a large audience, they will also take part in a number of mentoring sessions planned to help them promote their names for the future.



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