Prime minister launches surprise Brexit press conference

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David Cameron.

CAMERON begins his surprise press conference on June 7,  just hours before he duels with Brexit baron Nigel Farage before a live ITV audience, by reminding us that both Hitachi, the Japanese tech brand, and the World Trade Organisation, consider leaving the EU to be a disaster of historical proportions.

Following a patient silence as we digest the oriental wisdom of Hitachi chief Hiroaki Nakanishi, Dave declares that the Leave campaign have told the public six “complete untruths”.

According to the prime minister, the UK will not be liable for future bailouts; will not lose its ability to veto future treaties; can still veto an EU army; can prevent the budget going up; and protect the UK rebate. Finally he decries the idea that we will save £8 billion by leaving as pure fantasy.

Having laid out his six bones of contention, Cameron generously takes three questions from the invited journalists.

Asked whether the momentum is presently with Leave, he says people shouldn’t vote on false information.

Asked whether he was accusing his opponents of lying, he says that people shouldn’t vote without knowing the facts.

Asked whether, if they are lying, they are fit for cabinet office, he says it’s not for him to say why his opponents make mistakes.

Cameron has spoken. Having tantalised the media all morning with the announcement of his special press conference, Dave calls it quits and makes his way off stage, referendum and political future surely in the bag. 


  1. David Cameron- a modern day Neville Chamberlain- beats his chest and says I have negotiated a deal and reformed the EU!!!! ‘War in our time’ if you don’t vote remain.
    He tells us that we British are not good enough to stand on our own two feet. A 1 in 28, becoming 1 in 32 vote does not reduce our influence!!! That future exposure to a further 80 m people with free movement rights is not a concern!!!!. We should vote remain and accept all this.
    Was he not aware that the immigration figures of around 100,000 bandied about a few years ago were a fraction of the true figures or did he suppress any reports from his civil service that might have embarrassed him. What other relevant reports, negative to his campaign, have been swept under the carpet?
    Is this con artist about to fool the majority of the British electorate? I hope not.


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