Unexplained deaths of a man and woman in a yacht moored at Port of Roses

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Port of Roses, Spain

CONFLICTING reports concerning the nationality and age of a man and a woman found dead on a yacht in the Port of Roses in Cataluña on June 5 are appearing on various news sites.

What is clear is that the bodies of a 28-year-old woman and a 45 (or 46)-year-old man, one being of Italian nationality and the other being Russian, were discovered by a port worker who was checking about their intentions to remain in the port.

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It appears that the couple in their luxury yacht arrived on Saturday evening, moored the vessel in an unauthorised place and went to dinner, although they were then forced to return to the yacht to move it to a specific yacht mooring.

Reports suggest that the couple were very noisy during late Saturday evening, but when they did not emerge from the yacht on Sunday to pay their mooring costs or to confirm whether they wished to remain, a port worker went to the vessel where he was able to see the man’s body.

Police and emergency services were alerted and apparently a forced entry was made to the yacht where the dead bodies of the couple were found together with large amounts of alcohol and drugs so prior to any forensic investigation results, it is thought that they may have overdosed or poisoned themselves.

The Port of Roses is close to the border with France and the area is well-known for its number of regular Russian visitors.


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