Water from the sea

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CALA DE DEIA: The village wants to build a desalination plant to combat the summer water shortage.

THE Deia City Council is studying the possibility of constructing a desalination plant near the Cala de Deia to solve the water shortage of summer months.

The idea of a desalination plant for the municipality was conceived years ago but discarded due to technical and economic reasons. In summer, the village is forced to transport water by lorry to be able to maintain the water supply. Mayor Magdalena Lopez, however, believes there is ‘a solution’ and has already commissioned a contractor for a draft of the project. 

Mayor Lopez said that the current cost of the facility is unknown but, about 10 years ago, it was €1 million.  She explained that the problem of these plants is that they must be maintained throughout the year and not only during the months of demand.


Since Deia is several hundred metres above sea level, the cost of pumping the water must also be considered. The mayor, however, believes that the possibility should still be explored to be able to solve the water shortage problem.


  1. May I humbly suggest to Mayor Lopez and most of all the Mallorcan/Balearic government that earmarking the new tourist tax for this purpose could be a win-win scenario here?! Helping/solving the problem of water shortage especially during the tourist intensive months and also providing a real good reason for said tax. Just a thought . Jonas Lundström


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