Messi trial is itself getting Messy!

Lionel Messi in product promotion mode

FOLLOWING the appearance at his tax trial in Barcelona on Thursday June 2, Lionel Messi missed the last day of the trial as he flew to the USA to play for Argentina against Chile on the following Monday.

Not only has he jetted off, but it seems that his father will be left to take blame for the entire manner in which the alleged tax evasion occurred.

The defence team want both of the accused to be exonerated, the state attorney representing the tax authorities wants them both to be found guilty and the official prosecutor wants Lionel Messi to be discharged from the case as she believes that he trusted his father and didn’t know what he was signing,


To some extent, because a lot of the documents involved in setting up the companies in Belize and Uruguay were prepared by their lawyers and were often in English, the prosecutor accepts that there may be some justification for the father to plead ignorance, but she does believe that he had a duty to ensure that whatever was agreed was legal and above board.

Now the father and son await the ruling of the court, although no date for this has been set.



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