‘Giant’ Senegalese mugger taken down in Punta Ballena

Xnop11 Wikimedia
Punta Ballena road sign

FOR once it’s not British holiday makers causing trouble in Magaluf but a 30-year-old Senegalese man, nicknamed the ‘giant’ because of his height and general build who it appears has been targeting mainly British tourists who are somewhat the worse for wear.

Investigators from the Guardia Civil in Calvia became aware of a series of muggings which took place last year when a large African was said to grab drunken tourists in a bear hug, squeezing them until almost unconscious at which time accomplices would search them and steal anything of value.

With the winter break, the muggers also curtailed their activities but as young tourists started to flood back to Magaluf, the attacks started again and in May alone there were four reported attacks following the same pattern.


Finally, the officers identified the man and managed to overcome him in the Punta Ballena area of Magaluf despite his considerable strength and have charged him with four cases of mugging and attacking tourists together with a drug-related offence.

The officers are now searching for the ‘giants’ accomplices.


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